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Team Building & Training sessions

Grandma's House is that place where you can peacefully enjoy the company of your colleagues.

If we are talking about training, you have a large 80 square meters living, equipped with flipchart, DVD player and a HI-FI installation.

This living room can be personalized and arranged depending on your applications. A zone with low leather couches can be considered the "informal" space. Discussions applied on group projects can be carried in the table area, in the famous "two 90 degrees" work position.

At the garret you have a smaller living, of 25 square meters, ideal for workshops or private discussions.

Testimonials section contains opinions of some of our clients, which organised team buildings and training sessions at Grandma's House.

Important training companies like BPP Professional Education, AIMS, brought their clients here. From the impressions they shared (see the testimonials section) we think that ... - well, we are not telling you more; read the impressions!

What kind of firms had chosen "Grandma's House" for corporate actions? From any domain. If is a medium sized company - the ideal location. If it's a large corporation, undoubtedly its corporate actions are organized by departments. From the media and publicity industry, you can find few words from Media Insight and ARBOmedia's managers.

Also, our friends from IPSO - one of the most important Renault dealers, had the amability to write a testimonial.

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